White Cliffs

A watercolor-turned-pastel landscape for day three, because I’m bad out of practice when it comes to pastels but apparently even worse even more out of practice when it comes to watercolor. Or perhaps watercolor wasn’t the right medium for this attempted portrayal of the white cliffs of Dover?

Anyway- this attempt brought me back to my elementary school art class days (Mrs. Morton, if you’re reading this, this one’s for you). I then showed up to play my evening squash match with pastels all over my hands, which made me laugh because it made me feel like one of those “crazy” artists who has frizzy hair and paint all over their clothing, even though I haven’t done any of this stuff since 5th grade.

I started out on the first day of this project writing about how I didn’t want to let my fear of embarrassment or judgement stop me from creating things… so, I’d say this is my first true, hesitant step towards that goal.

I couldn’t draw this without thinking of that poem “Dover Beach” – the one we read and re-read and analyzed and re-analyzed in high school – and for some reason I seem to be able to remember poetry better than I do movie plots? I disliked the poem because it made me feel depressed, but I guess the beginning of the last stanza (“Ah, love, let us be true / To one another!”) is supposed to be romantic? Either way, reading that poem makes me sad and, in my opinion, one should honor the feeling a poem gives them regardless of how it’s interpreted by others.






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