Feelin’ Sketchy

This post title is inspired by one of my favorite puns of all time:BYcDtHMCcAAb5D-

You’ll also notice two small orange smudges on the paper, brought to you by my dirty-ass fingers eating cheddar puffs while drawing.

More importantly– the sketch itself was inspired by a summer evening a few years ago at the house of one of my best friends (bonus points if you can guess whose, which also doubles as a test to see if any of my friends actually read this).

I remember being in the kitchen on this late July afternoon, admiring the flowers in their vase next to my perspiring glass of rosé, and thinking to myself, “Life does not get any better than this.” Whenever I try to conjure up images of perfect days, this one often comes to mind: best friends making zucchini bread in the kitchen, a welcome evening breeze delivering moments of relief from the heat and humidity, the neon green of the grass, and the sounds of crickets and laughter.

Summer shandy and best friends forever, baby!

And if you happen to be reading this, please send me funny things from the internet and/or book recommendations since I’m in need of laughter and good books.






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