Satur-gratitude (tried to mash the words “Saturday” and “gratitude” but it didn’t quite work)

So it’s a sunny Saturday afternoon in San Francisco and I’m sitting by the window thinking about how much I love… sun and Saturdays and San Francisco. What a coincidence!

Our landlords above me are blasting music that I’m not super into but I’m too lazy to find my headphones so instead I’ve turned the music volume on my computer all the way up in attempt to drown it out. It’s not exactly working so I’m now listening to a weird mash of my music and their music and it’s chaotic and gross.

I smell pretty bad since I’ve yet to shower after my morning ride, but Thomas isn’t home to tell me I smell bad so I’ll just leave it be for a while longer. The more pressing reason I should shower, actually, is that I got a bit scraped up on the ride (pictured) and if I took my health and hygiene more seriously (it’s a constant W.I.P.) I’d have cleaned it out hours ago.

Speaking of riding and sunshine, here’s a quick note or two I took after my ride yesterday morning. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, gratitude lists are most important when they’re hardest to write:

I write one every morning and have been meaning to write some longer thoughts about gratitude lists and related practices that have improved my life. tl;dr I’m extremely cynical about many of the advertised self-help practices floating around these days, but gratitude lists have been a game-changer. Stay tuned for more thoughts on the topic; for now, I’m off to try out a new recipe for pesto pizza.






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