Feel-Better Friday, Part 2

Hello, and welcome to the second edition of “Feel-Better Friday!” Thanks for joining me on this quest to end my work week on a positive note.

I would like to start by giving a quick shout-out to the receptionist at the imaging center where I got an MRI earlier this week: you are the most delightful and positive person the world has ever seen and you made my day – and what should have been a tedious doctor’s appointment – extremely pleasant. If I were to work in the service industry there would be a ten minute window of time – immediately after I’d had my morning coffee, of course – in which I’d manage to be friendly, after which I’d definitely be extremely rude and impatient. So, to all the service workers out there (I’m looking at you, Starbucks baristas and bus drivers!) who manage to remain amiable in the midst of all that human ignorance and idiocy, I salute you. I hope you get the raise you undoubtedly deserve.

What else… ah, yes, the discovery that this drink exists:

And I thought they couldn’t make chocolate milk any better. Found at the local Walgreens.

Thirdly, the incredible “Dinosaur” song, which is not only adorable and catchy but an emotional rollercoaster:

Next, this awesome sign I saw posted on the back of a truck, which was made that much awesome-r when I discovered the trunk was full of puppies (pretty sure it was owned by a guy running a dog-walking service):

All I’m saying is – if the doctor’s office receptionist dealing with angry patients all day can be kind and patient, so can we.

And lastly, I finished reading Madeline Miller’s Circe earlier this week. It had been on my “To Read” list for a while but it wasn’t until my wonderful friend bought me the book that I got around to reading it. You all were right: I should have read it sooner. I loved it. I’ve convinced Thomas to read it by selling it as a “creative retelling of familiar Greek mythology” (because he loves Greek mythology, and to be fair the book is exactly that), but really my agenda is for him to appreciate the themes of feminism, motherhood, and sexism that permeate the novel. Maybe he’ll even be able to relate the novel’s events to the plight of females in modern society! *smirking emoji*

(He admittedly does not read this blog, so I’ll let you know if he comes to appreciate female strength a little bit more after finishing the novel.)

If anyone has yet to read it, this is your cue… and we can have a virtual book club when you’re finished! I don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t read it, but I loved how Miller addresses the question of mortality in the novel. As someone who struggles with the ideas of life and death (what does it all mean?! What’s the point?! We’re all going to die! Life is constant pain and struggle!) I was left feeling hopeful and grateful for the gift of life and the human experience.

Happy Friday, everyone!






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