Bathroom Breaks & Matching Tapes

I’ve recently started “live-documenting” my morning bike rides. Not only do my “best” (relative, of course) ideas come to me when I’m out riding (or walking/hiking/etc.) but I feel most alive and creative in those moments. So I’ve been stopping more often – at stoplights, on the side of the road, at public bathrooms (duh) – to take time to document in photos and words what I’m thinking and feeling, in the hopes that I hold on to more of these ideas and emotions once the ride is over. Walking and hiking are much more conducive to live-documenting than riding so I’ve had to experiment a little with doing so on the bike. I told Thomas the other day that I need to get a handheld recorder so I can talk and ride at the same time:

Sony ICD-UX560
*Adds to cart*

I’ve tried using voice-to-text on my phone – as I already do to send texts and emails – but the wind always obscures my voice. For example, earlier this morning I tried to say something about “Sausalito” but my phone typed out “Chinese kids”????

Anyway, here are some thoughts and pictures from my Tuesday morning cruise:

One of my favorite bathroom stops. For the cyclists in the Bay Area: can you guess where this is?!

This was one of my more color-coordinated rides: I wore a blue hoodie, blue bib shorts, blue gloves, and my blue helmet. Disclaimer: the hoodie and gloves are Thomas’. One of the pros of him never reading what I write is that he’ll never know (I’m trusting my readers here) that I got his favorite hoodie extremely sweaty. Fingers crossed he doesn’t notice it’s missing until I’ve thrown it in the laundry.

We can all agree my bike looks *hot* against the bathroom tile and that my new yellow grip tape is amazing. I had to document it in its shiny state before it gets grimy and gross.

My bike was looking pretty good, too. I got a tune-up recently so it’s not making awful screeching and squealing noises and I specifically requested new yellow bar tape to match the grip tape on my squash racket:


In typical Maddy fashion, I rode a random route through the city which led me past Bob’s Donuts, so of course I had to stop in for a quick glazed (#GlazedOrGTFO) for breakfast. There are only so many Clif bars I can eat before I need to diversify with a donut.

First in line, suckazzzz.

Speaking of donuts: everyone knows I love a restaurant with a good pun name. It was only recently that I discovered the “Thai Tanic” (!!!!!!) in downtown Sausalito, which absolutely blew my mind. And this morning, as I took a random route down Polk Street, I came across the brunch spot aptly-named “Friends with Benedicts.” I’m going to need all of my (three? four?) readers to submit their favorite restaurant pun names so I can feature them in my next #MorningRide update.

Until next time!





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