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  • Leaving room for wonder

    Leaving room for wonder

    After weeks of waking up to dense San Francisco fog, this morning’s sunshine is … hitting different. I go for a short walk before my 8am meeting to bask in the delicious morning light (and stop to take the above photos). I am in such a good mood that I spend $4.12 at the cute…

  • Candy Corn Contemplations

    Candy Corn Contemplations

    It’s a Sunday Sunday. Meaning: I left the house only once, which was to go to Target for toilet bowl cleaner, and ended up buying a big bag of candy corn that I finished on the walk home. I told myself I’d cook the tofu and kale I bought earlier this week (in a fleeting…

  • Feel-Better Friday, Part 2

    Feel-Better Friday, Part 2

    Hello, and welcome to the second edition of “Feel-Better Friday!” Thanks for joining me on this quest to end my work week on a positive note. I would like to start by giving a quick shout-out to the receptionist at the imaging center where I got an MRI earlier this week: you are the most…

  • Lists & Small Joys

    Lists & Small Joys

    I sat on my couch last Sunday night and – as I do every Sunday night – stared at the week I’d anally planned ahead in my notebook, down to each 20 minute interval of time. If there’s one thing that assuages my anxiety (temporarily, at least) it’s writing lists and schedules. Something about seeing…