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  • Dahlias: a collection of my notes & photos

    Dahlias: a collection of my notes & photos

    From my journal, August 2023: The Dahlia Dell in full bloom (2023): From my journal, July 2023: Pictures from the Dahlia Dell in full bloom (2022), and one of the volunteer gardeners tending to it: From my journal, July 2023: Pictures of the gardener in his dahlia garden in Half Moon Bay (July 2020): Today:…

  • Small Kindnesses

    Small Kindnesses

    I’m reading through old posts I started drafting but never finished. Some of them contain only titles and subtitles; thoughts I wanted to come back to but never did. (I’m briefly disturbed by one post I apparently started writing on the eve of my 28th birthday, as I’m now 30 and time is a scary…

  • Reflections on Love After Five Years and Four Months of Marriage

    Reflections on Love After Five Years and Four Months of Marriage

  • On Flying

    On Flying

    “I would never move to Denver because then I’d have to fly in and out of this airport every time,” declared Thomas last week as we taxied on the runway at Denver airport. He’s convinced that wind patterns over the mountains near Denver make every flight in or out of that airport extremely turbulent, and…

  • Candy Corn Contemplations

    Candy Corn Contemplations

    It’s a Sunday Sunday. Meaning: I left the house only once, which was to go to Target for toilet bowl cleaner, and ended up buying a big bag of candy corn that I finished on the walk home. I told myself I’d cook the tofu and kale I bought earlier this week (in a fleeting…

  • A Year of Gratitude

    A Year of Gratitude

    One year ago today I got in an awful bike accident. I remember lying contorted on the ground in the most pain I’d felt in my life, being lifted onto a stretcher and into the back of an ambulance, then opening my eyes in an emergency room bed thinking that if I wasn’t dead I…

  • Shenandoah Sunsets (for My Sister)

    Shenandoah Sunsets (for My Sister)

    It’s 5:04 pm on a Saturday but if I hadn’t consulted my phone I’d have no idea what time of day it was. The sky has been the same translucent grey since I woke up, making it impossible to distinguish between morning and evening. I’m typing this on my phone as I walk laps around…

  • Some Things I Thought While Watching the Sun Set This Evening

    Some Things I Thought While Watching the Sun Set This Evening

    Feel free to call me out as hypocrite here; I know I’m usually the person running and riding and squashing around like crazy. But today, the only exercise I got was walking two blocks from my front door to watch the sunset (OK, fine, also to pick up dinner at the Whole Foods hot bar…

  • Women Are Magic

    Women Are Magic

    I’m starting my Friday the way I’ve started every day for the past week: brushing my teeth (difficult because I can’t bend over to spit in the sink), sitting on the couch (well-equipped with multiple pillows and blankets for maximum comfort), washing down my morning pain medication with iced coffee (who needs water?), and listening…

  • Flowers & Fullness

    Flowers & Fullness

    One of my best friends said to me the other day, “I like that you only post [on your blog] when you have something to say.” (She is also, un-coincidentally, one of two (2) people who reads this blog.) Unfortunately, I’ll be straying from this paradigm today – and likely in the next few posts…