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  • Leaving room for wonder

    Leaving room for wonder

    After weeks of waking up to dense San Francisco fog, this morning’s sunshine is … hitting different. I go for a short walk before my 8am meeting to bask in the delicious morning light (and stop to take the above photos). I am in such a good mood that I spend $4.12 at the cute […]

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  • Burnt toast

    Burnt toast

    This morning, in my stubborn refusal to do anything work-related before 7am, I’m reading through old journal entries. I come across one I wrote at our place in Berkeley in June of last year: I’m sitting on the couch reading and the delicious smell of something cooking wafts through the open window next to me. […]

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  • Working Forwards

    Working Forwards

    Yesterday I received an email reminder from my company that it was “time for Quarterly Check-Ins with your manager.” I let out an audible groan, despite being the only person in my house. Time to get asked, yet again, what my career goals are! (Spoiler alert for my manager: I don’t freaking know!!!!! I don’t […]

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  • insignificant moments / dipping into the ~archives~

    insignificant moments / dipping into the ~archives~

    “Life is a collection of moments.”– Someone’s Instagram caption, probably, paired with a picture of the back of their head as they look out onto a teal blue sea. Or, a message embroidered on a pillow in a suburban mom’s house that is being meme’d by their teenage daughter on TikTok à la this video. […]

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  • On Flying

    On Flying

    “I would never move to Denver because then I’d have to fly in and out of this airport every time,” declared Thomas last week as we taxied on the runway at Denver airport. He’s convinced that wind patterns over the mountains near Denver make every flight in or out of that airport extremely turbulent, and […]

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  • Thoughts from the BART on my way to a morning squash match

    Thoughts from the BART on my way to a morning squash match

    It’s still dark outside and I’m walking the mile from my apartment to the Ashby BART station. I’m not in a rush – I woke up before my alarm and have plenty of time before I need to be in the city – but I check the transit app anyway to see when the next […]

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  • Musings on Multitudes

    Musings on Multitudes

    “I contain multitudes,” I say to myself, as I sit at the kitchen table on a Saturday morning, painting a landscape while listening to Meek Mill. Sometimes I want to read a book on data analysis, sometimes I want to binge watch reality TV. Sometimes I want to go for a bike ride, sometimes I […]

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  • Progress, not perfection.

    Progress, not perfection.

    Leslie got me a lil paint set from CVS and it’s been bringing me so much joy this week. It may have been designed for kids but that means it’s full of bright colors and doesn’t stain my clothes or the furniture when I make a mess! It’s also kind of crazy how a week of […]

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  • An accomplishment’s an accomplishment, no matter how small.

    An accomplishment’s an accomplishment, no matter how small.

    Does anyone remember the line from Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who: “A person’s a person, no matter how small”? For whatever reason that line often pops into my head (probably because I’ve watched the movie more than a few times). Today, after a difficult week, I found myself thinking, “An accomplishment’s an accomplishment, no […]

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  • Sometimes life surprises you [a poem]

    Sometimes life surprises you [a poem]

    Sometimes life surprises you Like on Saturdays when you’re sadand the sun is nowhere to be found, So you ride your bike down to the shoreline where– growing from the sand – are signs that say, “Jazz Quartet; Follow the signs or sounds.” So you follow the sign along the trails through the waterfront park […]

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  • My “chill out maddy” Spotify playlist didn’t work as well as I’d hoped.

    My “chill out maddy” Spotify playlist didn’t work as well as I’d hoped.

    I spent the weekend trying to relax. I didn’t go for any long bike rides or runs; instead, I went for short walks and took naps. I read an entire book. No, wait – two books. I made a playlist called “chill out maddy” and listened to it for a few hours. I meditated. I […]

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