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  • [NOT!!!!!] What I Eat in a Day

    [NOT!!!!!] What I Eat in a Day

    It’s been tough to write these past few weeks. It’s been tougher than usual to read. Focusing is hard. I feel drained of creative energy and, even when I do feel inspired to write, I can’t focus long enough to finish any train of thought. That being said — there are certain things that get […]

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  • Shenandoah Sunsets (for My Sister)

    Shenandoah Sunsets (for My Sister)

    It’s 5:04 pm on a Saturday but if I hadn’t consulted my phone I’d have no idea what time of day it was. The sky has been the same translucent grey since I woke up, making it impossible to distinguish between morning and evening. I’m typing this on my phone as I walk laps around […]

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  • The High Life

    The High Life

    At exactly 4:07pm on Wednesday, April 8 – four days ahead of schedule – I achieved “To-Do List Zero.”(That’s my version of “Inbox Zero” but, instead of an email inbox, refers to the weekly to-do list I write each Sunday that details everything I want to accomplish that week, both work-related and personal.) I had […]

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  • Mad E. Coyote

    Mad E. Coyote

    I have struggled to write anything intelligible or cohesive in the past two weeks, much less creative or fresh. Sometimes I wake up feeling optimistic and inspired and manage to type a few paragraphs, jot some notes in my journal, or start a quick sketch. But then the 20-minute coffee high wears off and reality, […]

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  • Hang in There, Everyone

    Hang in There, Everyone

    I’m using the boring post template I introduced back in November because I want to write more but my “well of ideas” is as dry as my skin right now (lol!). Being creative is hard when you’re someone who derives the majority of their inspiration from the outdoors. My mind – just like my body […]

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  • (Finally) Writing About  Springsteen

    (Finally) Writing About Springsteen

    I’ve written pages and pages about Springsteen over the years: in my journals, in notebooks, even in a few high school English class papers (those definitely got As). I have multiple unpublished drafts on this blog that attempt to describe the impact his music has had on my life, but none of them ever feel […]

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  • Remote.


    It’s 11:12am on a Wednesday (edit: posting this a few days later) and so far today I’ve had the pleasure of joining meetings via Google Hangouts, WebEx, and GoToMeeting, not to mention conversations on Slack, Google Hangout, email, and text! My only dream these days is for someone to develop a conferencing aggregation tool so […]

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  • Feel-Better Friday, Part 3

    Feel-Better Friday, Part 3

    I’m confused as to how this work week was only four days because it seems to have lasted ages…? In addition to being busy at work my back has been acting up, making it difficult to sleep or move around without pain. As a result (and compounded by the fact I’m on my period, wtf […]

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  • A New Dress (and Something More)

    A New Dress (and Something More)

    How do we know which of our words and actions – however small – will be the ones that stick with someone else? The ones they’ll remember and hold on to, despite that never being our intention or expectation? That’s a somewhat rhetorical question, since the common advice is to live your life with an […]

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  • More Thoughts on Feeling Guilty

    More Thoughts on Feeling Guilty

    I wrote a few weeks ago about my incessant feelings of guilt and shame. In an ideal world, I’d be updating you all with the news that I’ve found a way to rid myself of these overwhelming (and, more often than not, overwhelmingly unhelpful) feelings. But, of course, my weekly therapy sessions and iterative self-improvement […]

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  • Feel-Better Friday, Part 2

    Feel-Better Friday, Part 2

    Hello, and welcome to the second edition of “Feel-Better Friday!” Thanks for joining me on this quest to end my work week on a positive note. I would like to start by giving a quick shout-out to the receptionist at the imaging center where I got an MRI earlier this week: you are the most […]

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  • Feeling Guilty for Feeling Guilty

    Feeling Guilty for Feeling Guilty

    I’ve heard the prayer of confession over a hundred times in my life. But as I sat in church this Christmas Eve watching the reverend at the altar lead the parish in reciting its words, I realized I’d never listened to it. (For the record, I know exactly why I never listened: because I was […]

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