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Hello, loyal readers, and happy Friday. Hopefully it’s the start of a long weekend for most of you. My meetings are winding down and I’m wrapping up some loose ends at work before heading straight for the unopened bottle of rosé in my fridge (related: some recommended reading from the SF Chronicle).

I’ve done a series of “Feel-Better Friday” posts in previous weeks but was inspired to switch it up today in favor of an inaugural “Fashion Friday.” In an effort to add a #fashion angle to my personal #brand (totally kidding, for those of you not as well-versed in my sarcastic tone), I’m pleased to present some updates on what I’ve been wearing lately, as well as some tips and tricks for the bargain shoppers out there! I might even throw in a few tips from my skincare and makeup routine if you’re lucky.

Actually – I’ll start off with some #skincare #content! Well, skin-related content. I’m in the phase of my menstrual cycle where I get big, fat, painful pimples in various places on my face. This month’s worst one is between my upper lip and nose and hurts whenever I scrunch my face:

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I probably deserve these painful pimples because the only skincare routine I have is washing my face with soap whenever I shower, so routine is probably a generous term. Oh, I also put on sunscreen before I go on a long bike or hike outside because skin cancer is no bueno! Anyway, as I sat at the kitchen table eating lunch with Thomas earlier today, I said to him, “My pimple is getting so big!” And he – without even looking up from his sandwich – said, “yes, it has to get worse before it gets better.” Which meant that even he – the least!!!! observant person ever – had noticed the large pimple on my face.

So that’s the #tea on my skin. Now, onto fashion. A few of my friends have said that shelter-in-place has meant they are now changing outfits multiple times a day. The outfit-changing seems to stem from a combination of boredom and showering multiple times a day. I, however, am here to provide an antithetical approach to clothing in quarantine: wearing the same item of clothing for multiple days in a row.

There are a few important considerations when choosing said item of clothing:

  1. Make sure it transitions well from day to night.
    You know how there are those articles about day-to-night outfits? Like this one?:
Day-to-Night Fashion Statements - cabi Spring 2020 Collection

Well, that’s not quite what I’m talking about. I’m talking about something you can wear both during the day for work, chores, etc., and to bed at night. Exhibit A is this fantastically amazing coral romper that Leslie bought for me because she, as my identical twin, knows me better than anyone else ever will:

Not only do I look super cute wearing it at the park and on my couch, but I am cozy and comfy when I go to sleep in it at night!

Don’t worry, I do shower, but these outfits simplify the showering process greatly for those like me who don’t *love* hopping in the shower every day. All I have to do is 1) take off the romper and leave it hanging in the bathroom while I shower, 2) shower, and 3) put the romper back on, without ever having to leave the bathroom! Genius!

Another great example of a perfect day-to-night piece is this dress, which I featured in my Instagram story the other day because IT HAS POCKETS!!!!!

Yes, this image is filtered, because everyone should get a free pass on filtering their photos during shelter-in-place.

Not only is this dress super easy on-and-off, but it’s light, airy, and doubles as a nightgown! The other fantastic thing about this piece is that I got it…

…take a guess…

…drumroll, please…

at a CVS in Florida! You know how pharmacies have that one rack of cheap clothing they try to sell you if you’re on vacation and in desperate need of something ugly to wear as a coverup at the beach? Well, this is from that rack! And it was only $5! When I said I was going to be sharing bargain shopping tips, this is what I meant. It’s all about how you wear it.

Until next time, my fellow fashion folks. Happy weekend!






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