It’s 6am and I’m Bored!

Last week I accidentally unmuted myself during a work call while funneling the remains of a family-size bag of popcorn into my mouth. A few seconds later: “Hey, Maddy, could you mute yourself?”

F*ck. Such is my life these days.

This week, however, my work laptop decided to stop functioning entirely so I’ve been trying to do my work using a combination of my phone (which has my work apps and VPN access) hooked up to a bluetooth keyboard I happened to buy last year. I’m feeling both resourceful and stressed.

It’s 6:19am and I’m sitting on the couch drinking coffee after waking up at 5 with awful period cramps. I spent a good portion of last night curled up in a ball on the couch before convincing myself that a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream would make the pain go away. (It did temporarily, for the record.) Now I’m banking on the fact that coffee will help, though there’s a better chance it will have the opposite effect.

Speaking of coffee: as of last week Safeway started stocking the Starbucks pumpkin spice blend which I’ve been using to craft my homemade cold brew:

^Also how I feel every morning drinking my home-brewed iced coffee.

I was planning to go for a ride or jog but the combination of cramps and smoke outside means I’ll be hanging out on the couch until my 8am meeting, which is just as well considering I have plenty of work to do and only a phone to do it with!

The sun through the smoky sky in Berkeley earlier this week.

Thomas just emerged groggily from our bedroom, which reminds me that last night I discovered he doesn’t know who Jason DeRulo is. Or, more accurately, he “maybe recognizes the name?”. I love Thomas but sometimes I wonder how I’ve stayed married for three years to a man who lives under a rock.

I can already tell this day is going to be a struggle so there’s only one thing left to do:

Watch this performance on repeat.





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