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  • Thoughts from the BART on my way to a morning squash match

    Thoughts from the BART on my way to a morning squash match

    It’s still dark outside and I’m walking the mile from my apartment to the Ashby BART station. I’m not in a rush – I woke up before my alarm and have plenty of time before I need to be in the city – but I check the transit app anyway to see when the next […]

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  • Good morning!

    Good morning!

    It’s a great morning to: wake up obscenely early (4:30am) because you needed to pee and then once you were awake your mind started racing so you just got up instead of lying anxiously in bed drink coffee and watch videos from Bruce’s 1975 Hammersmith Odeon show and cry of emotion before 5am! For reference: […]

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  • It’s 6am and I’m Bored!

    It’s 6am and I’m Bored!

    Last week I accidentally unmuted myself during a work call while funneling the remains of a family-size bag of popcorn into my mouth. A few seconds later: “Hey, Maddy, could you mute yourself?” F*ck. Such is my life these days. This week, however, my work laptop decided to stop functioning entirely so I’ve been trying […]

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  • Good Morning(s)

    Good Morning(s)

    I love mornings because they feel like a clean slate. I don’t know if that’s always a helpful thought to have, because “clean slates” aren’t really how the world works. But sometimes it helps me to know that if I go to bed feeling depressed or anxious or angry that tomorrow is a new day, […]

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  • Yosemite


    Here is a visual representation of my last weekend to weekday transition:     Some things to note: I am drinking hot coffee in the first picture, an anomaly in my “iced-or-bust” lifestyle Starbucks is at it already with their holiday-themed cups In a world full of surprises, I make sure to control the one thing […]

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  • A Sky, Conflicted

    A Sky, Conflicted

    Date & Time: Thursday, November 6, 8:18am. It feels more like 5am. My mind is cloudy and coffee isn’t helping clear the fog. Location: The local Starbucks. I came here earlier this morning to get some work done and was surprised to find, upon entering the store, that Starbucks’ “Christmas-mode” was in full force. I […]

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