Good morning!

It’s a great morning to:

  • wake up obscenely early (4:30am) because you needed to pee and then once you were awake your mind started racing so you just got up instead of lying anxiously in bed
  • drink coffee and
  • watch videos from Bruce’s 1975 Hammersmith Odeon show and
  • cry of emotion before 5am!

For reference:

1975 Bruce is…everything to me. His beanie!!!!!!!!!!

And – because why not – here are couple of my favorite relatable tweets from the past week:

Oh wait…that last one was my own…that I tweeted just now while in an 8am meeting with teammates from Israel. I’ve been working with our Tel Aviv team more often and I don’t think anyone quite yet understands how much 8am meetings suit my lifestyle.

The only issue with having to join this meeting was that it meant I had to change out of this amazing fuzzy polar bear PJ set my brother got me for Christmas a few years ago:

As much as I tend to push the boundaries of what is professional work attire, I will draw the line at fuzzy PJ tops (for the sake of my career only).

Anyway, this week in longer-form content:

  • I enjoyed this article about workplace ambition during covid. Highly relatable
  • I finished reading Fates and Furies and have started reading Deacon King Kong. Impromptu book club anyone? Or, since we’re all lazy and scheduling is hard, please comment your thoughts on those books on this post
  • Important: Criminal Justice on the 2020 Ballot
  • I agreed with this Atlantic piece on the American “College Experience” (namely how ridiculous it is)
  • And, if you have time to watch, I strongly recommend “Gather,” a documentary on Indigenous food systems that is perfectly timed in celebration of this month’s Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Happy Wednesday, folks. Don’t forget to vote and cry if you need to and buy everything pumpkin-flavored from the store before they stupidly stop stocking the best flavor of all time.






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  1.  Avatar

    Love everything you write! Dad.

    1. maddysquish Avatar

      Thank you dad!!!!

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